British Airways is the only company attempting to fire nearly all its 42,000 staff and re-hire on drastically slashed pay and conditions. 225 MPs have supported BA workers. Over 160 have signed our pledge to strip BA of its lucrative landing slots if they don’t step back.

The BA leadership’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis and treatment of its staff has been nothing less than incompetent. The devastation BA is causing to people’s lives is terrible. The Commons Transport Select Committee took a detailed look at BA and dubbed the airline a ‘national disgrace’.

The crisis leverage campaign escalates to Spain as a direct result of BA’s constant backtracking and disingenuous actions in negotiations. The arrival of the first two BA Betrayal teams in Spain has been widely reported in the press

Public address loudspeaker

“Never once did I think they’d stoop so low.”

“It’s hard for staff to understand, there is so much money in the pot to help the airline get through the crisis.”

“Using pandemic as a cloak to bring in these changes.”

Do BA value their lucrative landing slots? #BAbetrayal

Conservative MP Huw Merriman on why BA should lose their legacy slots at Heathrow

There is a huge groundswell of public and political opinion – from journalists, celebrities, prominent politicians and the general public. UK and international – that BA must step back from the edge and stop the betrayal of BA staff. #BAbetrayal

Mirror: 05/06/2020

MPs across the house are united in opposition to BA’s plans!

We’ve been busy: MPs have been writing to tell PM Boris Johnson exactly what BA is doing. We’ve written to MPs, rebutting key assertions made by Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG, the owners of BA. We’ve objected to the European Commission over IAG’s proposed takeover of Air Europa . And a legal objection has gone through IAG’s European Works Council

“ BA has paid out billions to shareholders and is taking taxpayers’ money. If the proposals were about dealing with the Covid crisis, why are the company threatening to terminate contracts, including eliminating disciplinary procedures? This will not help the company get through Covid-19. This is nothing more than a cynical act of corporate greed and a betrayal of the BA workforce and Britain.”

Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the union

BA being named and shamed

Coverage in the Mirror 30th May
British Airways Poster: Stop Betraying Britain
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